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Luis Suárez dedicates his first goal against England to his kinesiologist, Walter Ferreira, who put off his own cancer treatment to help him recover from knee surgery.

Steven Gerrard: England (ENG) vs Italy (ITA)

D o n ’ t  call me a hero.


Happy birthday Hendo! (June 17th, 1990) 

Happy 24th birthday, Jordan Henderson!

"Daniel, your mum celebrated her birthday at the weekend, and watched her son score in the World Cup. What did she say to you?"

"We went out, and obviously we saw fans outside the hotel and we hopped in the car and we drove to the beach. We wanted a bit of privacy and we tried to blend in, we took our tops off. We tried to blend in but…"

"Once he came along… about 300 people following us."

Liverpool FC’s vice-captain Daniel Agger:The heart has always and will always beat for Liverpool

Liverpool FC’s vice-captain Daniel Agger:
The heart has always and will always beat for Liverpool



"You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one….."

Liverpool 3-2 Manchester City: Steven Gerrard Post Match